Net Asset Value as at 23 April 2018
NAV with debt at par value 331.49p
NAV with debt at fair value323.11p
Share Price 288.00p
Discount on par value NAV   13.12
Discount on fair value NAV   10.87

The above net asset values include Majedie Asset Management Ltd at fair value and are calculated on a cum-income basis (using estimated income and expenditure figures)
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*shows the USD share class. Majedie Investments is invested in the GBP share class.

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Important Legal Information

Majedie Investments PLC is a investment trust with total assets under management of approximately £200 million, and is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (as an self managed AIFM).

Our Investment Objective is to maximise total shareholder return whilst increasing dividends by more than the rate of inflation over the long term.

Majedie Investments PLC does not offer any investment products or services to the public, but rather manages its investments on behalf of its shareholders.  If you receive any communication containing investment offers by Majedie Investments PLC please be notified that it is a scam and you should report the matter to the relevant authorities.